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Natural Beeswax Ear Plugs
Natural Beeswax Ear Plugs

Those who are unable to wear other forms of earplugs should choose beeswax earplugs. Our product comfortably fits your ears because it softens with body heat. Because wax earplugs may conform to any ear shape, exactly like cotton earplugs with petroleum jelly, they can be worn quite comfortably. It can be applied numerous times before losing its stickiness or becoming soiled.

Beeswax earplugs are the best choice for shielding your children's ears from water. It is easy to use and secure. Our wax earplugs are useless for blocking out noise.

In the summer, the Poblex family advises using more silicone earplugs in the water and at the beach. Our cotton earplugs with vaseline and wax earplugs may melt in warm weather.We recommend using our cotton earplugs with wax and vaseline primarily indoors. (shower, pool indoors, etc.)

You can get it with 2 and 4 options.

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